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12-09-2012, 11:12 AM
Originally Posted by travelingmaster View Post
I dunno, I don't seem to have that many problems in Ker'rat. . .even when outnumbered, I can usually devise ways to outwit the feddies that are using broken/overpowered stuff. I've blown up my fair share of Vestas, Wells, and other 'snazzy' gimmick ships, and I've done it in my Hegh'ta. I'll be blowing up Breen ships before long.

Then again, a lot of PvPers seem to shun Ker'rat. I'd say they're missing out, tbh.
Personally, its simply due to how broken kerrat is. Last time I was there, we were outnumbered and still were taking the Feds lunch money. We were queued and sent into a match. When we came back, only three of us went into kerrat due to the Feds that had been there calling for reinforcements and filling the instance. 3 klinks vs however many ppl it takes to fill the instance was not a lot of fun. Of course the Feds made it super fun by not even giving is a chance to spawn and fight back, but "that's how kerrat goes" I guess. Since they wouldn't even give us a fighting chance to respawn, we simply warped out leaving ~17 Feds holding there dicks in one hand while slapping each other on the back with the other. "That's how kerrat goes" I guess.

If they simply changed it to where only ten of each faction could enter, it would be a huge improvement, but I guess cryptic would have to remember where kerrat is first to even start to work on it.