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12-09-2012, 11:17 AM
I don't blame the players for failing to buy the Bortasqu. They made a ship that doesn't match the design ethos or performance level of other ships that KDF players could get instead, so why WOULD anybody buy it? It's a giant whale, and it's not even as efficient at whaling along as the Odyssey. I looked at Bortasqu and decided against it since I already have the Negh'var and Vor'cha, which are what KDF cruisers ought to be.

In an ideal world they would make minor tweaks to the Bortasqu so that players will buy it, so they don't have to write off all the cost of developing its code and artwork. In a less ideal world they should take to heart the fact that KDF players are desperate for new ships but they will only buy new ships if they have solid features and fit into the performance continuity of other KDF ships.

Though, it's not the last thing that KDF got. They've gotten the temporal science ship, temporal destroyer, and the 1000-day heavy destroyer. Bortasqu is the last Z-store ship true, but let's not be completely hysterical here.