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Just realized the reason you guys bring so much cheese is to go with all this whine...

You guys had a brilliant idea with the extend escort team. What you fail to realize which others have pointed out is that people that put on an event should not also play in that event. If they win the event, **** is almost always going to fly. I was grateful you guys were putting those event together and wish the community would support more fundays, even if you guys play in them. When you win your own event though, please don't be so shocked that people are going to cry foul. Ego will always look for something to blame, and winning the event your running and making rules for makes it so easy to point fingers.
it was labled "tsi funday" because i was lazy in being creative.

i personally didnt take part in the event, and neither did zorena (if i recall correctly) we flew and filmed and recored.

i had no knowledge of anyones team set up until the day of the event (i know who was on the teams in what ships but not what they were using)

i know that now but when ive even tried to hold just a "funday" event that extend shields thing was brought up and i cancelled the event because lets face it, im human and it actually hurt that people think I stacked it somehow.

maybe ill toss together a funday event after the new year but i dont know. the last one almost went through until crytpic threw a major wrench into the works the day before the event was to happen.

the point being is that it flat out sucks that any event that i try to hold will always be seen as a "tsi" event even when i clearly state i sever myself from tsi for the duration of the event. i mean, what else really can i do?

the rules for the event were also an experiment. we learned that without Scramble sensors being allowed to be taken there was no need for multiple science teams on a team because there could only be 2 sci captains. so 2 sci teams at the most to deal with 2 sub nukes. that led to a whole lot of engineering teams and tactical teams being used.

cause and effect. ban one of the bo powers and the entire dynamic changes. we learned that. thats also why there was so much extend shields, there was a limit to the number of shockwaves so you knew that you had a window to operate from and could overwhelm the counters to it.

the second funday was made into something different by qew because they didnt like the idea of ship restrictions (even though we had them on ventrillo to hash out the ship restrictions). that kind of hurt when after they gave their input and it was listened too they decided it wasnt good enough and flat out said no. so i turned the day over to them and they held their own event (which was completely different from the funday)

and the only way i can see holding a funday now would be to say- no consoles and no ship higher then teir 3.

but even then i'm sure ways could be found around even that to make the game miserable for some.
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Frankly, I think the only sound advice that one can give new players at this time is to stay away from PVP in STO.
Science pvp at its best-
Do you even Science Bro?

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