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Originally Posted by mustrumridcully0 View Post

And considering the small number of teams that were in that tournament, I do not think it would exactly help tournaments if the organizers are not allowed in it.

well this tournament proved that it sure didn't help it to allow it. I played a lot of competitive paintball, and I know that when our field put on events, it would have never worked for us to field a team in the very event we're running. It may be received well at first, but if won the tournament we'd never get a good turnout again.

There was just too much whining going on there, and going by that experience, that will not change by a miracle just because we all hold hands together in some thread and promise to get better. It will only be fixed if the game mechanics, including all powers, cosnoles ships and skills are designed for PvP competition and balance. Since that will never happen, you can only hope that the next community tournament will only break apart after the last match. It will make things feel bitter afterwards, but at least it was fun while it lasted.

its pvp. Pvp=too much ego. Doesn't matter how balanced a game is, people will always try to find excuses as to why they lost. In another game I'm playing that is way more balanced than this game is, I've been leveling up a new "vehicle". Well a new device i had no idea about came out that happens to work in this vehicle. All of a sudden I'm being called a fotm'er even though I've been leveling this vehicle for the last two weeks and wrecking people with it. When I explained that I've had been running this before they announced the release of this device, I was called a liar. Ego>reason in a pvp oriented game. You know why people like bigredjedi stand out in a sea of other garbage in these threads? Lack of ego in a sea of it.

But Cryptic seems to have figured out that there is no money to be made with PvP - at least not with balanced PvP. Too much work, too little gain. If their observation is true, that's a shame, but it is what it is.
Pvp works gain<p2w gain I think is more accurate. There are plenty of pvp games out there that aren't perfect, but are pretty well balanced and continue to work to that end while introducing new balanced aspects to the games dynamics. These games are doing well and games like wot are even expanding into planes and battleships.