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12-09-2012, 12:17 PM
Wow, so if you're a "senior systems engineer" like you claim you are, then you should understand that fixing a problem isn't as easy as the drop of a hat and would understand that since computers have different configurations, what works for one setup may not work for another.

You build a fix, gather data for the systems that aren't working for that fix, and refine that fix. That's what an engineer would actually do, instead of rant about what doesn't work.

I don't need a fancy degree or years of experience to tell that much.

In other words, use the experience and intelligence you have instead of going off on a rant because your particular issue hasn't been fixed. Otherwise, I don't buy a second of it.

Your zen comment has been summarily ignored because it doesn't matter a whit. For the record, I buy zen for this game too.
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