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Originally Posted by dontdrunkimshoot View Post
for a tactical cruiser there is no better option then 2 AtB, and the excelcior is just better at using the most damage dealing weapons a fed cruiser can use. but singles with turrets cant rip a shield facing down off anyone paying attention, so a torp is basically worthless here. regardless, the 180 torp aft with HY or TS 1 would be what i recommend for a regent. also, i wouldn't bother with turn consoles. they basically wont do anything for this ship, they barely do anything for the excelsior

the gas console, i know its buffed by partical gens, but your on a ship that can never have more then 2. i don't really understand why this console is limited to sov variants. i suppose the mirror sov can have 3 particle consoles, but now your getting silly, that is the least effective damage dealing sov. unless the explosion deals plamsa damage, plasma tac consoles wont buff it. i think it deals knetic, im not sure. never bought the thing.
Tool tip says plasma, I checked.

Still disappointed that one of the most beautiful ships and supposedly one of the more advanced ones isn't any better than an 120 year old antique (albeit one that still kicks ass) and in fact it's worse.

What were the Dev's thinking?