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Originally Posted by misterde3 View Post
It's certainly possible, but then again so is the Borg attacking the Alpha Quadrant with giant assimilated space dragons.

My gripe with this is that we have to make up convoluted explanations why it's basically necessary to reverse the Vidiians to what they were in a fashion that reminds me of King Tut from the old Batman series :
"Oh, he's gotten a bump on the head again, oh that means he's gonna be up to his old tricks...again."

While the Tink Tank had many clients, it's actually very bad business to claim you solved a problem only do it half-way.
This is especially true when you're doing it at the tremendous fees those people take.
And why would those guys be so stupid as to take an example where they actually failed to finish up their end of the bargain?
That's like BP making commericials advertizing their tremendous working place security on the Deepwater Horizon.
The same could be said about those mortgage companies too and look what happened Prime example in the Star Trek Universe is the Ferrengi LOL... Plus the think tank was all about it must be too good to be true it usually is too good to be true. Plus with the voyager time line it just doesn't add up that some mysterious group comes along and does what they couldn't do in 2,000 years