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Originally Posted by dertylon View Post
Any words on the bug for the "Zone Wild" missions in the Defera Invasion Zone?
Funny, I just about to post that, along with another bug

Anyway, the more detailed info about those zone-wide missions in Deferi Invasion Zone: only half of them are affected (so far, the ones that are affected are Blow Back, and all three of the individual zone-wide missions from the City, Power Plant and Temple mission givers). They refuse to resolve, on the condition that our inventory is full... despite the fact that these specific missions reward Omega marks and expertise, not anything to put in our inventory. Even after 20 tries of trying to resolve, the same message pops up, regardless of whether our inventory is full or not.

And the other bug, which has it's own thread in the Characters Build subforum: The Task Force Omega Tier 3 passive Rotating Weapon Frequency does not appear to be working. Testing has revealed that the number of shots delivered to Borg drones before adaptation, before and after getting the passive, are the exact same.
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