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So, I take it you're a fed player?

The point of my original post, is that it did poorly because it's designed to the wrong kind of spec for KDF play.

Put the same handling specs on a ship with a big round saucer and two (or four) Nacelles with a "U.S.S." prefix, and it would do fine on the targeted market of FEDERATION players.

but the design runs pretty much counter to KDF style play-the only other ship in the Klingon inventory that handles nearly as poorly is the Vo'Quv, which makes up for it with hangar pets.

The reason I used car analogies, is that the problem IS the Detroit problem-specifically the "Detroit in the seventies" problem-if you're a car company, and you ignore your car buying market, putting spoilers on a land-yacht doesn't make it a muscle car, and you're not going to be fooling anyone.

If Cryptic would BUILD a C-store shop for the KDF, following the aesthetic of the ships that people are levelling with, using, favouring and building, it would sell-they sold a crapload of lifetimer subs with the Pegh'u (sp?), and tonnes of lockboxes for the Temporal ships, and you're still more likely to see either of those in PvP, fleetmark missions, or SUCCESSFUL STF runs, than you will the thinly-disguised-whale Bortasque.

Handling and manuever are major points for the KDF faction-the faction whose senior members started in an era where they ONLY had PvP, and whose junior members start their toons with..what?? oh, yeah, the bird of prey-a ship that is nothing BUT handling.

as Klingons level, unlike their fed counterparts, even on cruisers, they have handling and manuever as core elements of their ships, and it shows in the outcomes of PvP matches and STF runs-ships like the Vor'cha-R and Tor'Kaht have nearly-legendary status for their success rates, and the Fed-Threads periodically fill with indignant ******** because KDF cruisers can bring cannons to bear often enough to dust 'superior' Fed vessels...

and then, we have the Bortasque, which is the only cruiser in the KDF arsenal that can be one-on-one owned by what is reputed to be the worst Fed cruiser in the game (The Galaxy-X, aka "Failaxy"...) a ship that sits a tier lower and costs a LOT less to buy.

when you build and offer a good ship, PEOPLE WILL BUY IT-look at how many lockboxes it takes to get a Jem Bugship, or Galor, (the price to get the box opened by SOMEONE still runs into the triple digits thanks to the way random odds work), the number of Temporal Destroyers, Mirror Qins, and "Lifetimer" (1000 day) ships out there, then look at how many of the Bortasque did NOT sell.

A few people bought it, and I think you're the first poster to declare your liking it, makes you part of a minority-within-a-minority (or too proud to admit you wasted that fifty dollars).

the problem comes down to violating the performance asthetic. The Bort's got this awesome map for a bridge-it's bigger than some people's starbases, (and that's JUST THE BRIDGE AREA) but it, frankly, does not perform up to the standard that a Negh'var, Vorcha, Vor'cha R, K'Tinga, Tor'Kaht, etc. perform. The performance just isn't there, the parts are incompatible with any other KDF design, the few advantages are countered by structural disadvantages mostly due to the poor handling and some issues with buggy code.

Kind of like how certain mid-seventies cars had great big engines, no power or handling, sludgy braking and frequent mechanical issues, and detroit sticking spoilers and custom paint on them wasn't enough, so too, the Bortasque just...fails. Word in a community as small as the KDF gets around fast-"This ship is a dog" has crossed all the sectors by the time a player like you whom doesn't dislike a turn rate in single digits has gotten up for breakfast.

If Cryptic WANTED to sell C-store KDF ships, they'd design...good c-store KDF ships. which is to say, ships that are not thinly disguised and nerve-deadened versions of Federation ships.
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