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12-09-2012, 02:02 PM
Just daydreaming.

Turn rate: 5.5 => 8.0

Hull strength: -10%

All variants: Disruptor Autocannon. Unique front weapon. Effectively a single cannon (180 degrees) with reduced damage falloff, large accuracy bonus (faster than standard muzzle velocity) and a slightly boosted basic rate of fire.

Tactical Bortasqu: Tactical EPS Reroute console. For 15 seconds, all energy is transferred from Engines to Weapons. +50 weapon power, engines disabled. 1 minute 30 seconds cooldown.

Engineering Bortasqu: Augmented Reactive Plating. Passively adds +30 all damage resistance. Also adds 25% to the magnitude of any damage resistance abilities (Brace For Impact, Auxiliary to Structural, Polarize Hull, Attack Pattern Delta, etc) used on your ship.

Science Bortasqu: Subspace Snare is fine, though it could do with a shorter cooldown or a longer period of disabling on the target.

Full set bonuses:
+1.0 turn rate (becomes 9.0, same as Negh'var)
+10 starship energy and projectile weapons skills
+20 starship warp core potential skill
-5% all energy damage to shields

Worth 50$?