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the base cloak as it is seems pretty useless over all minus the damage buff and even then it's not like you can just cloak during combat to refresh that. Maybe if they upped the damage you take while cloaked it would seem less OP? For me, it's just kind of pointless since i don't like to run away from the fight any time i want to get a damage buff so i've taken out the console all together, but i would gladly add it back in if i could cloak when ever i wanted to instead of only when i never really need it.

I still think it would work better to make it canon and allow those who have it able to use it, and just update the advanced versions from there. It's like the MVAE having to stop to separate, that's not how it worked on screen and i really don't see who it would hurt to fix it in game.
You do take more damage while cloaked, in the sense that your shields are down. This is why it's usually suicide to cloak while under fire, unless you've got polarize hull, Brace for Impact and maybe 1 other good hull buff in place to keep you from getting eviscerated. The only other exception is when the attacking feddie is so inept that his weapons barely do damage.

The regular battlecloak doesn't allow for a lot of defensive/healing abilities to be used while cloaked, as well. . .one of the advantages of using the B'rel retro's enhanced battlecloak.

I cloak for two general reasons: To temporarily exit the battle and give my abilities time to recharge, and to boost an alpha strike. When I 'run' from a fight, it's usually with the intention of re-entering it at my own choosing. That's a luxury the battlecloak gives you. . .and the BoPs need it. They're sub-par in almost all stat categories, and the battlecloak acts as an equalizer to keep them relevant. Otherwise, they might as well just be raptors with a few universal boffslots.