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Just daydreaming.

Turn rate: 5.5 => 8.0

Hull strength: -10%

All variants: Disruptor Autocannon. Unique front weapon. Effectively a single cannon (180 degrees) with reduced damage falloff, large accuracy bonus (faster than standard muzzle velocity) and a slightly boosted basic rate of fire.

Tactical Bortasqu: Tactical EPS Reroute console. For 15 seconds, all energy is transferred from Engines to Weapons. +50 weapon power, engines disabled. 1 minute 30 seconds cooldown.

Engineering Bortasqu: Augmented Reactive Plating. Passively adds +30 all damage resistance. Also adds 25% to the magnitude of any damage resistance abilities (Brace For Impact, Auxiliary to Structural, Polarize Hull, Attack Pattern Delta, etc) used on your ship.

Science Bortasqu: Subspace Snare is fine, though it could do with a shorter cooldown or a longer period of disabling on the target.

Full set bonuses:
+1.0 turn rate (becomes 9.0, same as Negh'var)
+10 starship energy and projectile weapons skills
+20 starship warp core potential skill
-5% all energy damage to shields

Worth 50$?
maybe. problem being, it's still basically a reskinned Fed cruiser, the problem of turn-rate is LESS at 8 than at 5.5, but it's still a problem. I'd almost say that the real solution, is to design an entirely different ship, more in keeping with the bits that work well on KDF Battlecruiser designs that are known to work well already, and fit the general "Aesthetic" of the KDF.

i.e. maybe enhancing the virtues of the Tor'kaht or designing a "raptor" with science ship abilities (integral subsystem targeting, four or more sci consoles PLUS three tac consoles and three engie consoles...)

the fifty dollar mark's kind of a red herring-it's not a price point that will make back what is put into it with volume. Twenty seems to be about as much as this market can handle, with much *****/whine/moan starting at twenty-five (witness the underwhelming reaction to the Fleet B'rel-R).

a better option might be an improved Koro'tinga based design with a near-escort turn rate, near-science ship shield modifier, ding to the hull hitpoints and the ability to choose between the three classes of captain with specific abilities that are 'dead obvious'-

Science BC: 3 engie, 4 Sci, 3 Tac, Bonus to Sensors and subsystem targeting, console layout of 1 CDR sci, 1 LTC Universal, 1 Tac Lt., 1 LT Eng, 1 ens. Tac (to fit the heavy "combat" mode of the KDF)

Eng BC: 4 Engie, 3 Sci, 3 Tac, Bonus to hull heal/resist, small bonus to Engine power/warp core potential, CDR Engie, LTC Uni, Lt Sci, Lt. Tac, ens. engie

Tac BC: 3 Engie, 3 Sci, 4 Tac, Bonus to weapons. Console layout CDR Tac, LTC Uni, Lt. sci, Lt. Engie, Ens. Tac

Special consoles: reuse the subspace snare (Sci), big-ass-gun (with the long cooldown and tight firing arc) on the Tac, and the augmented reactive plating for the engie.

Because KDF ships are all about the movement and handling, a set bonus that acts like a "Ring of free action" (if you're familiar with tabletop D&D) clearing holds from Warp Plasma for 10-15 seconds would probably work best-and would be relatively unusual.

I figure a turn rate in the 9-11 range, well above Fed cruisers, but still capable of being out-turned by FedScorts and FedSci ships that are properly set up.

It's still a ship I'd be reluctant to use (I'm a BoP driver by preference), but it's more in line with the KDF aesthetic of sacrificing hull thickness for movement.

More to the point, it would probably be a pack of three that would be WORTH fifty dollars to a KDF player raised on a diet of Raptors, Vor'chas, and Negh'vars.
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