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12-09-2012, 02:35 PM
In all likelihood the Regent was envisioned as a sort of ultimate array'scort. Zipping around tearing things apart with 7 Arrays and its WA torpedo launcher. Works nicely in PvE w/ TT1, FAW1, Spread 2, and AP:B2.

Again, though, that's PvE. Arrays are terrible in PvP, yes even at spam clearance thanks to FAW's accuracy issues, and their own inherent method of operation. Each array slowly fires 4 "pulses' of damage at a target which means their weapon power debuff is applied for the duration of their pulses. To get the most out of them you have to fire many of them at the same target, meaning you have a ton of weapon energy drain going on (this is why over-capping weapons power is absolutely critical for arrays). Now, combine those traits into a weapon that deals at most a moderate amount of damage over a very long period and you start to see why arrays are so tepid in PvP: They struggle to keep up an effective healing tax on a given target, and when switch on FAW they struggle to clear anything other than mines and actively reduce your ability to keep pressure on a target, let alone make hole in a target's shields long enough to get torpedoes through it.