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I wasn't doubting the point of the original post, i was simply saying that while it isn't a typical klingon ship it is not entirely useless if you find a way to use it that makes up for it. Yes it has many downfalls that the typical klingon cruiser doesn't, and it's a shame cryptic didn't take that to heart when designing it. However i chose to buy it and use it despite evryone around me saying "don't get it, it's worthless, go buy a vor'cha or Bird-Of-prey" Every single one of them took back their words when i showed them my finished build.
I used to be a Fed player, but since then i now play 90% on the klingon side and the rest doing STFs on feds with fleet mates who don't have klinks. I once flew a Dreadnought with a full cannon and turret set up, yes the turn rate was a problem sometimes, but i got used to it, I got consoles to counter it and turned it into a warship that was good in PVP. Once i saw the bortasqu' i immediately saw, as everyone else sees, the flaws: the bad turn rate, the crap shields, the bulky design. And after a while of thought i came up with a build to counter the first two of these factors and i got used to the third one. I took a clumsy, slow and fairly weak cruiser who everyone believes is a passive ship and turned it into a Battleship, it has problems that cannot be fixed but i make do and stand by my decision to use it. And no Dreadnought I have faced has ever come close to killing it.
Yes, you may believe that a Fleet Vor'Cha or a Fleet K'Tinga are better Tactical Cruisers and perhaps they are, for almost everyone except me. I freely admit i am a megalomaniac, I chose it as the ship is huge, the cannon can do large amounts of damage if used right, if used wrongly it goes down like a cheap Orion on a Saturday night.
I was only contesting those who believe it has no good points, it breaks the mould and shouldn't be called a Battlecruiser: It is a Battleship. It is not comparable to the Vor'Cha, K'Tinga or Negh'Var, it's a new breed and should be treated as such, with careful thought and a lot of work and respect for its flaws.
And as for the car references, I have little or no knowledge of American cars, for I am not American, I am British.
As for it losing Cryptic money, I have no idea why it would as i seem to see tonnes of them around nowadays in PVE and PVP, and they've probably made that money back ten-fold in sales of lock-boxes anyway. Personally i think it was some of the Orion ships that lost them money as they're rarer to see
okay...british cars then...

Rover Princess comes to mind with the Bortasque', it's advertised as an Austin DB-9, but it's performance is more in line with the Rover Princess, in a market that's used to BMW M-5's, Ariel Atoms, and CAFE racing bikes.

Point being, a mush-handling, heavy-bodied lugger more akin to a Fed vessel that gets outperformed by what is widely acknowledged as the worst Fed Cruiser in the game.

because DPS means nothing if you can't get the guns on target, in a Fed squad, it's not nearly as much of an issue, but in KDF hands, bringing guns to bear is a major part of how most die-hard Klinks play-and when you're talking about investing fifty dollars or hundereds of hours to get a ship for a faction, it SHOULD play to that faction's strengths, not to the factional weaknesses or the strengths of their most likely opposition.

The Bortasque plays to Fed strengths, as in feds on the other side of an Arena or C&H, or the FEds balling up at Kerrat, and there, it's fundamental flaws stand out very loudly-it's like taking a Used Austin Princess on a modern Rally course against purpose-built rally cars-the typical Fedship is purpose built to fly the way the Bortas is designed, and does so relatively well...which the bortasque does not-lugger tyres and an open exaust don't make your mid-seventies luxury/family car into a Rally Champ, they just make it look silly.

same thing here. I guess my playing mostly at hours the Aussies are awake (thanks to my work shift) or the Germans are playing, biases my sample somewhat, but I almost NEVER see Borts in the PvP ques. I see a lot of everything else, including ships I'd be afraid to take into a match, but almost NEVER Borts.
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