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Originally Posted by patrickngo View Post
okay...british cars then...

Rover Princess comes to mind with the Bortasque', it's advertised as an Austin DB-9, but it's performance is more in line with the Rover Princess, in a market that's used to BMW M-5's, Ariel Atoms, and CAFE racing bikes.

Point being, a mush-handling, heavy-bodied lugger more akin to a Fed vessel that gets outperformed by what is widely acknowledged as the worst Fed Cruiser in the game.

because DPS means nothing if you can't get the guns on target, in a Fed squad, it's not nearly as much of an issue, but in KDF hands, bringing guns to bear is a major part of how most die-hard Klinks play-and when you're talking about investing fifty dollars or hundereds of hours to get a ship for a faction, it SHOULD play to that faction's strengths, not to the factional weaknesses or the strengths of their most likely opposition.

The Bortasque plays to Fed strengths, as in feds on the other side of an Arena or C&H, or the FEds balling up at Kerrat, and there, it's fundamental flaws stand out very loudly-it's like taking a Used Austin Princess on a modern Rally course against purpose-built rally cars-the typical Fedship is purpose built to fly the way the Bortas is designed, and does so relatively well...which the bortasque does not-lugger tyres and an open exaust don't make your mid-seventies luxury/family car into a Rally Champ, they just make it look silly.

same thing here.
It has always been my impression that what set the difference between Federation Starships and Klingon Warships were simple: their purpose.
If there's one thing absolutely no Klingon ship is without (Orion ships excluded as they're not Klingon) it's damage output whether it be by use of pets or ship mounted Cannons. Fed cruisers are more about being giant bricks that take multiple ships to kill and can't kill anything else. Now we may have more Fed cruisers that get fire power such as the Regent, they're missing out on one of the weapons of choice for someone doing damage: Dual or Dual Heavy Cannons.
Will complaining and comparing it to cars make any difference to Cryptic or PWEs decision to leave it as it is: of course not. Will they ever change it? No. Then why complain, why not simply acknowledge that it's not the ship you're used to and adapt. The Borg never complain, so why should we.