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Originally Posted by patrickngo View Post
Design follows purpose, which goes back to the post I started this with: Why did Cryptic lose money on this?

and the answer is: it was not well designed for the market it was ostensibly intended to reach.

i.e. the Design did NOT follow the Purpose, and anyone who's looked at industries that failed or companies that failed, can find a similar pattern of product design vs. Consumer preferences.

In the mind of the typical consumer, the "Flagship" design should be, for all intents and purposes, the "Gold Standard" of the product line- I use cars because car-culture is pretty universal-whether it's rallying or formula 1 or street racing, there's a definite broad spectrum that crosses between other subcultures.

in the case of the Oddy, that 'Flagship' feeling is fairly true-it epitomizes the ethos of Star Fleet.

in the case of the Bortasque', on the other hand, that 'flagship' sense is...lacking, because the ship is NOT designed to set a gold standard example of the factional values as demonstrated both in terms of game mechanics, AND fictional 'feel'.

It's an Edsel, or an Austin Princess, in a market where the purposes go more toward B-class rallying, Formula 1, street-racing, etc.

It's the wrong ship for the role, and lost money as a result-the Orion ships long predate it, and the devs' statement followed AFTER the release..and honestly? Borts are RARE in any venue of competitive play, and successful ones even MORE rare.
Perhaps so, but you conveniently skipped my point of whether your original post using grand comparisons to cars and ignoring the simple fact that complaining will not make them change it. Whether you and hundreds of others think it lacks the flagship quality, an opinion i couldn't agree with due to my experience, does not matter. Imperfect world Entertainment have their money for it, why would they change it now and it may be the reason they're not taking the risk of making new ones. The designers of the ships may already have an idea that matches your idea of the Klingon Flagship cruiser, but it's the financiers who decide whether they go through with making it.
As i said before, don't complain adapt. Keep calm and carry on as someone from this side of the ocean would say.