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12-09-2012, 04:02 PM
What I see is that many people in my fleet bought it. I would say at least 20-30% in my fleet got the package or at least a single one. It is the big bad battleship, right ?

Most of them then realize it requires a playstyle they are not used to. Some adapt, and use it succesfully in elite STF's, most don't. In PvP it's a one trick pony, but so are many other ships, too.

The tac Bortasq is the only KDF 5 tac console ship. It performs quite good vs. the more or less static targets in the 3 old STF's.

That beeing said, I think the OP is correct in it's assesment. You don't sell a pickup to people used to sportscars. Even if they do well in other markets.