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Originally Posted by kyzler View Post
Lews, everyone has done that...its not much help, no offence. I am having the same issues after all the the test you have recommended above. No matter how many times you post the same advice over and over in other strings, its obviously not helping anyone at this juncture It is clearly the majority of us in northern California and/or after the season 7 update.

The game simply has become unplayable for me, regardless of all the advice given
Well, I don't tell everyone to run a nettest/traceroute because I expect it to fix anything (I know that doesn't) but TS is gonna ask for it anyway. It's suggested to have a baseline for tech support/tech knowledgable members to have a look and see what the problem might be.

I know, having run several traces myself and corroborating this with traces posted by other players, that there's the probability of a bottleneck somewhere in the final hops of the trace. This may or may not be related to the problems with northern CA users but it's definitely an issue.

Tech support isn't an exact science. Everyone has to start somewhere, hence the advice given. It's worked in my own personal experiences with lag and such, in any case.
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