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My apologies for using your thread for this but since I cannot create threads even though I have been playing for almost 3 months as a gold member and this is a suggestion for something I would like to see in STO this seems like the most appropriate place until I can start a thread with the suggestion.

I would like a FED playable Orion added to the STO c-store, no advantages other than being able to wear the Orion cultural clothing and being green. I have all of the clothing unlocks available from the c-store, a lot of the ships, the joined Trill, and I have 3 KDF Orions but to be honest I don'r really like the KDF side of things as a player. I have not unlocked the FED playable Klingon because I have no interest in playing a Klingon.

My name pretty much says it, I want to be green. I have an alien that looks kinda Orion but its not the same, no one in Star Trek is as good at being green as an Orion, ask Kirk, he liked the green lady Orion rather well, until she tried to kill him at least. A lot of my skill points to get to VA on my main came from DOFFs and working my way toward ambassador. As a pacifist and Star Trek Fan since the 70s I really like the ability to advance without a lot of battles, but I have found the DOFF assignments on the Klingon side to be on the brutal side for my tastes.

In short, I really want to play an Orion but the KDF side is too brutal for me to ever put much money into, however I will continue to invest in my fun on the Federation side and a Federation playable Orion with cultural clothing would give me another thing I would be more than happy to buy from the c-store to enhance my enjoyment of STO and want to stick with it instead of continuing to look for a game in which I can advance while remaining mostly pacifist.