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Originally Posted by cliftona91 View Post
Tool tip says plasma, I checked.

Still disappointed that one of the most beautiful ships and supposedly one of the more advanced ones isn't any better than an 120 year old antique (albeit one that still kicks ass) and in fact it's worse.

What were the Dev's thinking?
well a lot of things have been thrown out the window since STO isn't allowed to change canon/prime timeline.
BUT, the logic i suppose with the above would be that it is a NEW ship that utilizes an old design (no school like the old school). I really don't think they'd be using the exact same ships from 120 years ago, that wouldn't be feasible - and it would be contradictory to UFP's ideal(?) of bettering themselves. If the design is sound, there's no reason to get rid of it.
But in Star Trek canon they've found ways to improve their technology, and new designs to fit the new ideas. Anyway, my train of thought might not make the most sense - i'm just thinking out loud.... ^.^