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12-09-2012, 07:20 PM
None of the above. Never use quads, complete garbage compared to DHC's. Never EVER use dual cannons, complete garbage. If you are using a torpedo, use a photon. Quantums are only useful for torpedo spread, so pve only. The added bonus of using photons is that it will synergize with the torpedo defense system. If you are going to use a torpedo, stay away from the kinetic beam, because it's redundant and lowers dps to shields which is extremely important. The build I use is as follows:

3x phaser DHC's
1x photon torp
3x phaser turrets

Maco shield
2 piece omega

3 phaser relays
1 photon console

borg console
zero point console
tachiokinetic console
point defense system
torpedo defense system

Doffs - 2x purple con officers, 3x purple projectile officers


Sci - hazards 1, TSS 2
Eng - EPTS 1, EPTS 2, RSP 2

Tac (PvP) - omega 3, omega 1, 2x rapidfire 1, 2x high yield 1, 1 tac team
PvE- rapidfire 3, rapidfire 2, 2x beta 1, 2x high yield 1, 1 tac team (feel free to swap to scatters and spreads for AoE)

On the wonderful day your fleet hits tier 5 shipyard, grab a field gen and watch your shields get 3-4k more powerful.

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