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12-09-2012, 09:31 PM
This thread is the best. I can't believe some of the stuff I'm reading...

This is my worst in recent memory: the other day I decided to take my Fed Eng for a spin in CSN (he's a newer character and doesn't have the gear for elite yet). I fly a mirror star cruiser with him. Typically I run a healing cruiser and take on the cubes in CSN.

So, we get in, the team consists of a couple of patrol escorts and a couple of cruisers (oddy and star cruiser if I remember correctly). The escorts break off to guard the kang, so I fly off to the nearest cube and clear out the BoP's there before getting into the generators. One of the cruisers come with me, and at this point I've lost track of the other one. We start popping the generators pretty quickly and I think to myself, "well if we keep up this pace we'll get the optional no problem." Then I swing around and see the kang?covered in BoPs. What happened to the people guarding it!? well it turns out they decided to take on the cubes themselves, so we ended up with people at *each* cube fighting it and *no one* guarding the kang. So I hit evasive, divert power power to engines, and burn up an engine battery and coming flying in to the kang. I heal it and clear out the BoP's, which was surprisingly easy since I don't consider my ship to be much of a damage dealer. I end up guarding the kang on my own for a while, and one of the cubes gets take down. Now everyone realizes that the kang needs more than one person, so they all group there and start fighting the raptors. After it seems like the situation at the kang is under control, I break off and start fighting one of the cubes with an escort. Of course, I draw all the aggro from the cube and the raptors guarding it. I die once because of this, but come back and keep fighting it. After a while the escort seems to get bored, and goes back to guarding the kang, which already has three other people on it.So, I'm fighting one cube by myself. I take down the remaining generators and kill the cube, and then, to my great surprise, the last cube comes down seconds after. Apparently one of the guys guarding the kang broke off and starting working on the other one while I was busy taking care of mine. Unfortunately, it's come too late, and we miss the optional. It takes about a good five minutes to take down the carrier, who focuses all of its fire on me. I wish I had taken a combat log of that run, because the DPS seemed horribly imbalanced?when my cruiser with *no* real damage buffs out performs a tac in a fleet escort, something is wrong. That run wasn't a horrible experience, but definitely the most struggling I've seen on CSN in a while.

Another thing that really gets me is when I see rainbow builds in an elite run. At that point I resign myself to the fact we won't get the optional.

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