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12-09-2012, 10:09 PM
Well I for one have enjoyed your efforts muddling through our limited KDF content..

As for a ship suggestion.. stay with one of the default hulls... though, you might be ready to graduate to a battlecruiser... the Vorcha refit is not to shabby. a single RCS console and the right engine and you can turn as well as a Raptor... you might not have as mant TAC officer slots, but all those engineering BOFF slots will give you some nice "forgivability" in case of a tactical error. What ever you choose, stay with what YOUR comfortable with.. Siege Destroyer is nice, but not everyones cup of tea...or tankard of warnog as the case may be.

I have a KDF SCI that flys a Vorcha refit that folks are generally very happy to see show up at an STF.. I compeate with the fed escorts for kills... dare em to pop the target before i do *grin* between the big engineer BOFF powers and my intrinsic player SCI powers I can definatly lay the hurt down in space combat..

Your milage of course WILL differ.
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