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Originally Posted by dariusmajere View Post
Not sure when you started Playing dude, But Actually the last Poll given was Romulans Or KDF.. Now we have Tau Dewa.. BY PLAYER request. Most Likely the romulan Playable Race is being Created as we speak for future Roll out. ALSO As for Klingon Faction. The Klingon Faction and I know People Don't want to here This, Was NOT created to be a full blown Faction, It was Created as an Advanced Faction to give more of a challenge in PVP to Higher Level Captains. It was Even Advertised as That. As for the Mess Remember This game Was never fully Finished by Perpetual Due to Bankruptcy. Cryptic Bought it and had to Convert the Codes from the Perpetual Engine Into what we have today. Is it an Excuse, No. Is it fact, Yes.

Dear Cryptic user Dariusmajere;

You Are Wrong!

The KDF Faction WAS supposed to have been as complete as the Federation faction at release.. And, the KDF faction won the pole. Players voted to see KDF finished first.

Lets give you a fact checking here shall we.. ((and I do belive a few of us have tried to get this across to you before)) Original STO Developer.. It Was Not Cryptic.. they picked up the licence to the IP after another studio went under trying to create STO, adapted what they could to the cryptic Game engine (same one as used for Champions Online, and City Of Hero's-now defunct) And developed the rest, and to give them some benifit of the doubt here, and a damd tite time scedule with zero wiggle room. They were on a deadline of release by or loose the licence.

The KDF was not finished as the deadline for release came up.. Cryptic HAD to release the game when they did 3 years ago or LOSE THE RIGHTS TO THE IP period, end of story.. Cryptic ran out of development time. They tideied up where they coould so there wasn't to many ragged ends and released. The KDF was supposed to have been a full faction.. instead they got left as a "Monster Play" faction. The Executive Developer Daniel Stahl was/is an Age of Conan player so was familiar with the concept of a Monster play faction. KDF Was Not Nor Ever Ment To Be A Monster Play Faction... it just happened to be where things broke at release. Stahl was comfortable with that as monster play was something he understood. Even though for the Klingon fans it definatly was NOT sufficiently good. Thats why so many KDF player left the game after a year of play. And why it was down damd near to KDF players with life time meberships keeping the faith for the most part.

At one point KDF oriented players made up less then 1/5th of the player base.. but of those KDF players more then half held life time memberships. And people wonder why we voice our anger so loudly..I'd think it would be pretty obvious.

The diehard KDF players have been P.O'd since release about promises made for KDF content that were either never delivered on or whoafully under delivered on. Ina redcent ask cryptic Stahl stated for the record good things for KDF in season 8. We KDF players have heard THAT song before and serve notice that this time it had best be for real of there will be hell to pay.

The Original poster though is very correct about a great many things. Half hearted work in too many area's.. poor editing of joint mission dialogs to reflect properly the difference between a Federation and a KDF point of view.. Bugs that go un-fixed or ignored forever.

Big Example. Shield Doubleing Exploit (now dead, reason why in a moment) For the first 2 years of the game there was an exploit that if in a PvP match you had taken shield damage and werr packing an extra set of shield you could replace the "damaged" set during combat, and the game engine would not release the previous shield number.. it would in effect act as an entirely second set of shield under the primary set, both shield would repair at the same rate. This issue was noted and complained about for two years, up untill a developer came onto a Video podcast known as STO'ked and had it shown to him.
(note that said dev later took the job of championing pvP in the studio.. and shortly there after left the studio and no longer works there.. I guess the boss's hates to be publicly embarassed....even if it was the bosses own fault. No one know if the dev in question was teminated or left on his own.. companies NEVER tell the truth about this sort of matter.. especially if it might become a PR issue) NOTE that it took the bug being displayed before THOUSANDS of viewers on an internationally viewed video cast to get the issue addressed and fixed.. This exploit took two years to be fixed, even though there were players on the games forum BRAGGING about how they were taking advantage of it. Does Cryptic listen to it's players? Sometimes, yes they do. But it seems, only when forced to do so. I could be wrong, but it sure doesn't feel like I'm wrong.

The Original Poster has made some very telling points and is to be commended for noticing them with out having spent the last three years playing STO.

STO is a 3rd rate MMO at BEST, that is only still here because of it being a Star Trek game... without the trek label it would have likely been shut down in the games second year because there wouldn't have been sufficient players around to continue..

I have been playing MMO's since there were MMO's.. and considering I'm in my 50's.. I have a whole lot of experience with computer gaming. More then two decades.

I also happen to be a die hard Klingon fan and player... and unlike you sir I HAVE been paying attention to the facts, and not some wishfull thinking goblety **** based on rumor and assumption. And I have been playing this game since beta, and I do just happen to have a life time membership (which I got as a leap of faith..silly me, should have known better. skinned the hell out of my nose on this one)

If your going to defend cryptic studio's record then at least get your facts strait will you?

I don't object to your defending them.. I have even done so from time to time.. but DO NOT promulgate lies when your doing it. Your not doing Cryptic any favors, and you do in fact make the studio look even WORSE....Dude!

Khemaraa, The Iron Hand sends

P.S. Borticas was a fan, and in fact Co-Hosted STO'ked. The show mentioned was his very last other then as a guest, as he was offered a job by cryptic studios due to much of the work he did during the run of STO'ked. Borticus is indeed a fan of the game, and a player of the game besides being one of the studio's Dev's now. And he's one of the very best friends we the players could have on the inside of the door into cryptic studios. He doesn't always tell everything, but he will not lie to the players about a game issue.. He'll either lay it out for you or not say anything. But he does deliver the strait dope. The man has got integrity that I for one happen to trust. He's not let me down yet, and if he has, he's the only one that knows it.
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