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12-10-2012, 12:22 AM
this is more of a worst STFer than STF:
so me and my friend warp into a KASE. I write me and my buddy right, the rest go left and deal with the probes, we will help you when we finish.

out of three only two listen (atleast they held the probes at bay and managed to get one transformer down, so we were happy). however the third came with us. guess what he was in? yes, a rainbow odyssey. this is such a cliche I thought. then he saw us obliterate the right side, and he had to ask his question: "where do you get these rapidfire cannons, what you use?"
I srsly died laughing, because I forgot to get a tac team up against the gate, laughing so hard. a rainbow ody captain asking for the iwincannon... although we told him we just know how to play, he didnt really believe us

the other favourite moment when we pugged an ISE. our team hadnt enough dps to bring down stuff without 10% rule, but why is that gonna stop us in not using that rule? so in the end we ended up with scattered spheres because we were stupid enough to think a pug can handle this.
anyhow I couldnt one grav well them, so had to hunt them down one by one, and my friend got bored, so he just took the other side of transformers down, and was smart enough to time it right, so by the time I got there I could make a nice grav well.

in the end one guy writes: "my dps was not good, but the others did OK". my buddy just died a little bit. taking one side alone, and someone calls him OK

I hate pugs, but love the stupidity in them

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