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Well sir.. Please check your numbers on that poll again... I believe you are drastically mistaken.. 30% for romulan 19% for kdf.. Not sure what information your going off of..

Also in the ask cryptic q&a on Raptr it was stated that the kdf faction was built for a higher level pvp faction and was not designed as a full faction. But they will be working if the numbers are there into fleshing it out. Stahl has said he is working to petition it fleshed out since he feels that might breathe life into it. But with the federation bringing in the paycheck they get priority. Also the packaging for sto shows differently. I also was in the beta but seeing as the game was did not bother subbing to it and stuck with Eve Online. Aside for your gripes being a kdf player they have kept with what was advertised at shipping.
When i get on an actual pc and not the nexus 7 i will grab all the quotes from the q&a's and post the links to them and you can post your counters quotes and official sources as well.

As for spreading lies i go by the information stated by stahl, by the q&a's and by the advertising on the box. Unless you can as this forums is famous for saying show the link from an Cryptic dev stating otherwise...
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