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Originally Posted by doubleohnine View Post
Everyone know's its JUST a test. Realistically, wouldnt EVERY Starfleet cadet pass with flying colors for acting supremely confident in the face of.....a test. You would NEVER get the real reactions of future captains because you cant simulate certain death experiences if they arent ACTUALLY certain death experiences.

Kirk deserved a commendation for original thinking because Kirking your way through a silly test is the only respect that test deserved to be treated with.

So the difficulty and reverence for the test was based on the academy myth among cadets that the test WAS passable, but that no one was smart enough to do it? Only Kirk had the balls to realize Spock was trolling them?
If they believe this test is actually about beating it, then you can get people to be stressed out -people stress out on tests all the time. If a stress will affect your grades or your chance to get the officer's patent, you will be stressed by a test.

The challenge is keeping the real purpose of the test - showing how a potential Captain would handle the stress of failure - secret.