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12-10-2012, 01:54 AM
Phased tetryon for shield drain and subsystem knockout
Phased polaron for shield drain and subsystem drain
Spiral wave disruptor (very hard to get) for DPS and subsystem knockout
Polarised disruptor for DPS and subsystem drain.

Shield drain is kind of useless because its only a few hundred shield damage that becomes useless quickly in PvE and doesn't act fast enough to dent in PvP.
Polaron subsystem drain effects more sub systems. While you won't knock weapons offline, you can have them at far below their regular strength while often causing significant drain to shields, engines, and auxillary (depending on which your enemy neglects).

My favorite at the moment is the Polarised disruptor but thats only because I haven't lucked into a Galor to loot for weapons yet.

For torpedoes, you could try out the Hargh'Peng. Slightly stronger than Quantums with a lasting Hargh'Peng radiation that has a better DoT than plasma followed by an explosion that damages your enemy behind their shields.

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