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12-10-2012, 02:44 AM
Basic stats seem okay to me.
The K'tanco seems to be a more modern battlecruiser design so CBS should not have any problem with this one.
Aestetically it seems to be some kind of "missing link" between the Birds of Prey and the Raptors, personally I can't find much from a battle cruiser in this design aside from the torpedo launcher.
So I think the BO layout is okay too.

However with regards to the hangar I must say it feels weird.
Not because it would be technically overpowered but because the K'Tanco is probably the smallest "cruiser" in the game.
It's close to the K't'inga which is already smaller than the Miranda.
And while it seems that size is not such a big deal most of the time, when it comes to the ability to carry any larger number of smaller craft it gets problematic.
IMO, a hangar only makes sense on ships that are at least twice the size.

The torpedo launcher...well the Regent only has it since it has a very limited maneuverability.
The K'tanco has nearly twice the base turnrate and I must ask: would the Klingons build a weapon like this...for a ship like this?

Something that I believe is still missing from the game are Heavy Photon Torpedoes.
Both the K't'inga and the K'tanco have a hughe forward launcher that is at least two decks high.
And at least from the K't'inga we know the launcher is this big for a reason.
So why not give the K'tanco a larger more powerful Photon launcher?
The ship is certainly agile enough to get it into position without any problem.