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The Kobayashi Maru isnt a pass/fail exam. Or at least it wasn't, the test was created to test a potential officer's stresses in battle. When the only thing you can do is prepare your crew for death. Simular to the Enterprise C's end. This usually only was given to those on the operations/command path. (In TNG the Redshirts. in TOS Gold.) It might have been expanded at some point that i dont know of.

Kirk didnt fail per se, But he was determined to beat it. He never believed there was a situation where one could not work their way out. And he proved it every damned time.

Kirk never liked to lose. I'm not factoring in JJ's kirk into this because you're talking about Prime's Mindset.
It's a psyche test, cloaked in a pass/fail test that no one can pass. Star Fleet uses it to gage the psychological profile of the respective cadet, based on their reaction AT THE CONCLUSION, of the test. This info, along with other info, is then used to determine their commission. The psychological profile is distinctly different between a cadet who believes he did everything he possibly could, using all his training, to complete the scenario, from a cadet who comes away protesting the test wasn't a fair evaluation of their skills. Are you an optomist or pessimist? It's not rocket science, Police departments use the same types of test.