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Originally Posted by fraghul2000 View Post
This pretty much sums it up. It's perfectly ok if there are bugs that make it onto live realms and it's ok if they take some time to get fixed.

What I get angry about is the fact, that major and sometimes game-breaking bugs don't get fixed, yet they continue to push out "content" that is being effected by them as well.

For example they have released yet another new and shiny Doff specialization, which doesn't get it's own category on the exchange, therefore making it completely worthless, since it can't be bought or sold. It's the same problem that's been faced by the last two new Doff specializations for months.

So why not fix the old bug, before you release the new Doff spec? It's simply greedy, sloppy and amateurish.
I do wish they would Fix the Exchange. I flood typically the market with Doffs, And having these Specialty doffs float all around it is rediculous. I wish there was a Sort Ability for Faction. In the past you were able to Tell the Two factions apart, now for alot of them you have to right click them to check the backgrounds. It would be alot easier to capitalize the Doff EXchange better if I could sort by Traits and sort by Faction For how I price what I sell. The Search All feature has been Busted For Ages.
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