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12-10-2012, 06:07 AM
Dear Q,

During your Winter Wonderland event, which we all appreciate you providing for us, I would greatly appreciate it if you could address the following:

Add a Universal Console Slot to all ships - this new slot being the only one that can hold Universal Consoles. That way, each ship can only have one such console. For ship sets (Ody, Vesta, etc); allow them to have three such special console slots. Those slots would allow the player to slot all three of the ship consoles, but they could not slot three Universal Consoles. If they slot a Universal Console, it greys out the remaining two slots.

I'm sure we could probably get you 1,000 Autographed 8x10 Glossy Photos of Picard in return...



P.S. - I know you know which consoles I'm talking about, but in regard to the other universal consoles; I believe it's finally time to address the issue that they're not really universal as much as they are either Tac/Eng, Tac/Sci, etc, etc, etc. The player should be able to slot them in 2 of 3 types, but not any of the 3.

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