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Originally Posted by thepantsparty View Post
There is the Science Vessel, Science Vessel Refit, Science Vessel Retrofit, and Fleet Science Vessel Retrofit. Which ships are you asking about, and what exactly is your question?
I just noticed they recently added a retrofit of the Science Vessel for Vice Admiral level (and a corresponding Fleet variant). My questions are

Why is there (statistically) a discernable difference between, say, the Fleet Science vessel Retrofit, and the Fleet Deep Space Science Vessel. I ask this question

1) Because they are both VA level ships

2) Because they both cost the exact same thing

3) 1 and 2 lead me to assume the real reason they are there is for cosmetic diversity, meaning one shouldn't be "better" than the other, they should both be pretty much the same, perhaps with some differences to increase role diversity, but otherwise left up to cosmetic preference, right?

IN A NUTSHELL, why are they different?

Originally Posted by ferdzso0 View Post
short answer: any of those lower lvl ships brought up to fleet levels are not as good as lvl40-50 ships brought to fleet lvl I wasn't wrong to notice the difference by just glancing at the stats.

So now what I don't understand is why there is a difference between them. The same goes for the lower lever regular retrofit ships. If the levels are all Vice Admiral and the primary purpose of them is for diversity (I'm guessing) why aren't they all more or less balanced with each other. Again, the difference between regular variants and fleet variants is understandable (because the fleet variants basically cost ZEN vs. the regular no ZEN) but why wouldn't you make the Regulars balanced with each other and Fleets balanced with each other?

And at this point, I'm going to make a bold suggestion: If you want to keep them different, at least make the lower level ones cost a little bit less. I mean, you are getting less, aren't you?


Get them as closed to equal as possible without hurting their different roles and perks.

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