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Originally Posted by oldkhemaraa View Post
P.S. Borticas was a fan, and in fact Co-Hosted STO'ked. The show mentioned was his very last other then as a guest, as he was offered a job by cryptic studios due to much of the work he did during the run of STO'ked. Borticus is indeed a fan of the game, and a player of the game besides being one of the studio's Dev's now. And he's one of the very best friends we the players could have on the inside of the door into cryptic studios. He doesn't always tell everything, but he will not lie to the players about a game issue.. He'll either lay it out for you or not say anything. But he does deliver the strait dope. The man has got integrity that I for one happen to trust. He's not let me down yet, and if he has, he's the only one that knows it.
Sorry, I might have believed some of this prior to the STF->Omega Reputation conversion but that was so opaque, greedy and flat-out disrespectful of the STF community that I no longer believe the player-base has any 'friends' inside of Cryptic - all we are is an open wallet to them - believing otherwise is just setting yourself up for disappointment.
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