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Originally Posted by weylandjuarez View Post
Get off your lazy ass and read the archived posts in the links - I have - if you can't be bothered to actually investigate a counterpoint to your denial of Cryptic's mishandling and misrepresentation of the KDF then there's little point in me trying to persuade you.
KDF Content Given:
Starbases and Starbase Projects Tailored Directly Towards them
New Ship in the Cstore, Veteran reward Ship, Custom Tailored Lock box Ships, Mirror Ships.
New Starbase and Embassy content so far coming Out Monthly.
New Alpha Mission
Lobi Store costumes Dedicated to KDF only.
thats Off the top of my Head.

Stahl Dancing around topics is Again, Not a direct Hard Statement and date said this is when it is hitting For you to say they have Failed to Deliver. If no Delivery Date and No Direct List of items is stated to be Delivered. Then No Delivery can be failed to Arrive and no content is missing From Arriving. Show Me what they have promised to hand you and a Direct Date they failed to give it on. As I said Straight up, Hard Fact. Assumptions of what is coming or to be delivered by the players is not a guarantee of what is to come or when it will Arrive.

We are told Eventually if we hold out we would Eventually Make a good paycheck at or jobs.
At the end we fail to Get what we want or decide is a good amount, Never once did the company State what we would Get. They state what we could Get if we stayed with them.
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