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12-10-2012, 06:09 AM
he has a point. its not about the whole game sucks or anything. its just that there are so many bugs that have been there for ages and those bugs have been reported (sometimes prior their release to holodeck). there are small bugs and there are big bugs. small bugs dont matter so much but big bugs do and they should be fixed asap. one big bug is the one shoot borg story. its not that whoever is reading my post here heard the first time about it. almost everybody has expired that and it should be fixed. still, there is not even a sign that this is going to be fixed. i think staff-management at cryptic is responsible here. there should be a group of devs who are constantly fixing bugs (because there is still a huge list). i am a VA and most of the bugs do not concern me right away, as i dont play the mission content anymore. but when i started a new character a few weeks ago, i had to see all those bugs still being in the game and if i would be new to this game and not a hardcore star trek fan, chances are high that i would have played this for the last time and just remove it from my harddrive. i have quite a good defiant build and STFs are no problem for me, but if i would be new with (probably) maximum some blue gear that is not above MK X, i would stop playing as well, its too depressing to be destroyed all the time at even the normal difficult level. my new char, a science, has a nebula and i play him from time to time. he has almost no chance in any STF when its a direct confrontation. it has heeling capabilities but those are quite useless against invisible borg powers. i didnt use any advise on how to make a decent build nor does it have the required equipment, but the normal player who is playing this game for the first time will be like that as well and its not fun. a game is supposed to make fun and if you dont have good gear and know about all the bugs in the game, its not making any fun. of course, the player should have some good gear but if you dont have the MACO or OMEGA, you are lost. Not every new guy wants to invest soo much time to get the gear so it should be possible to at least survive an STF with normal blue gear, too. Make a 3rd difficult-level with the borg much weaker and you will solve this problem, but there are still one-shoots that are not solved. well, i think i am doing circle?s right now so you can think the rest of my opinion about the whole problem.

then a short note about the KDF. i have one character and i dont play him at all. It was already boring to play him anyway because KDF almost has the same exact content as FED and whats the point? I tried to skip as much as possible of those missions and level myself up with borg red alerts.
What ? Calaway.

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