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12-10-2012, 06:14 AM
1. A species-changing token in the C-Store.
2. Longer ship names. At least the same 40 letters that's allowed for bridge officer names.
3. Continuous fire in space by holding down the "Fire all weapons" key, instead of having to tap it like mad.

1. Bridge officers on all social maps, just like New Romulus.
2. Rewards for duty officer assignments proportional to the time they take to complete. Right now, most of the long assignments that don't have special rewards are a complete waste of time because the amount of dilithium and CXP per hour is so low.
3. Redo the bridge officer traits so there are space traits available for all species. Having every ship crewed by "Efficient" Saurians/Letheans is boring.

1. More options for customizing ship appearance.
2. Full ship interiors, with something meaningful to do there. Diplomatic missions, repel boarding party, holodeck, etc...(Being forced to visit your department heads in person because a few assignments don't show up in their assignment lists does not count as meaningful).
3. Proper exploration missions that involve some real exploration instead of endless repetition of "tag a few random objects" and/or "kill a few random enemies."