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Originally Posted by dariusmajere View Post
KDF Content Given:
Starbases and Starbase Projects Tailored Directly Towards them
New Ship in the Cstore, Veteran reward Ship, Custom Tailored Lock box Ships, Mirror Ships.
New Starbase and Embassy content so far coming Out Monthly.
New Alpha Mission
Lobi Store costumes Dedicated to KDF only.
thats Off the top of my Head.
Aside from the Alpha mission, I don't consider any of your remaining points 'content' - and you can debate the semantics all you want but tell me, how often do you visit your starbase (Fed or KDF) and - do you have fun there?. I know I sure don't.

Yes, there's ships - lots and lots of ships to fly in decent old PvE content, sub-standard new PvE content or broken PvP - it's graphical fluff with no purpose other than to get you to reach into your wallet or grind Dilithium for.

And this can be said of the Feds as much as the KDF, the only difference being that the KDF have very little of their own mission content - way less than the Feds. And any new stuff that gets introduced is as faction agnostic as possible and whilst the Feddies may not care, they should because its making a mockery of their storyline too.

Cryptic could put a captured KDF Borg cube in the C-Store for all I care, with 15 consoles and slots for 8 Boffs but after flying it around Narendra 3 times to get 60 Romulan Marks, what else am I gonna do with it? Park it outside New Romulus I guess whilst I go chase bunnies. Qapla'

When did mediocrity become so acceptable?
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