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12-10-2012, 06:37 AM
Originally Posted by dariusmajere View Post
This Is Typical Pre-design Discussions and what was Planned. Now show me the Launch notes That Showed You were fully Getting it. Alot In that Video has not yet been Introduced. He said they planned to have. Planned Meaning will be Added. Again No direct statement would be available on Launch Date. Complain IF you want about Lies. Show me again On Launch Notes. And The Direct SALE of the Game. And in the SALES material etc. this Showed as being Included.,
Never said they did not back pedal. BUt you sir Said. it was never supose to be full Faction. That is lie. It was. Original plan to be full Faction per that video. It was not till open beta that they change it from full faction to faction we finish later. Then to PVP only faction.

Now that said. Had cryptic done other wise they would have been no game. How it been almost three years. It past time to finish he faction.