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Originally Posted by mustrumridcully0 View Post
See my thread on C-Store kickstarters as well as the November Ask Cryptic.

What if Cryptic would fund the development of projects for the game in a kickstarter system. Let's say they come out and say: "Sorry, we can't make money making new Klingon ships / PVP systems. We just don't make enough money from them to be worth it. Unless we see some serious commitment by the players - more than we can normally ask from them, these things will not be done."

And let's say they offer a PvP kickstarter. A development project after which end you'd get a new PvP mode and a rebalance of all existing items, ships and powers. If enough people commit to it and invest in the kickstarter, the project will launch. If not, it won't, you get your money/Zen back, and that's it. If it launches and completes, every player will have access to it, not just those that paid, of course (so you're not necessarily getting any special privileges here, just the chance to ensure something gets done you want to have in the game.)

Would you be willing to invest in such a kickstarter? Under what conditions would you invest?
No, I wouldn't. I don't trust Cryptic or PWE enough to give them money even if it's allegedly earmarked just for pvp. They'd just pocket the cash and leave things as they are.

STO is just a chat box. Nothing more. Quite literally anything else in the game has become mired behind a two bit azn grind knock off scheme that I want no part in it.

Ontop of that frankly, we've already been basically told "new maps are impossible!" by various devs. They can't even figure out how to put respawn points into a map anymore they are so inept.