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12-10-2012, 07:51 AM
Are you looking for a fleet in Star Trek Online? Are you interested in Role-playing?

If so come over to Section 31 Role Play. Here at Section 31 we welcome anyone who will be Active both in-game and on the forums. In our Project Dynamo Department we have a large bank that is Full of Items and Energy Credits and Permissions for Every Rank. We also have events, like Recruiting, STFs PvPs, PvEs, and Fleet Mark Events.

In Project Dynamo we have two Task Forces called Alpha and Beta. Both Task Forces Join together to Do STFs, PvEs, and Recruiting, and they also go agenst each other, in PvPs. The Wining Team gets Energy Credits and or Points on the Forums. We have our Tier 1 Star Base, and our Projects are going. Did you know we also have a Klingon Fleet called Klingon Intelligence? Here at Section 31 we have any easy way to advance in the Ranks in game and on the forums.

As long as you?re Active in game and on the Forums You get a Promotion. We hope we see you on the Forums and in Game.

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Richard Evans
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