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That's the "No win" part of the scenario. Rerouting all power to transporters, for a complete, simultaneous, beam out, kills your shields, and weapons. Originally, Kirk didn't hack the klingon weapon/shields part of the program, as in the 2009 movie. The novels portrayed him hacking the communications part of the program, so he could hail the Klingons before they attacked. Once the Klingons realized they were talking to "The Federation's greatest warrior, the infamous, brutal, Captain Kirk", they ran away at maximum warp. So, not only did Kirk achieve all three victory conditions, he did it without firing a shot.
Hence why I place the Kobyashi Maru between my ship and the Klingons to take the majority of the fire while the crew are beamed over... The mission is to save the crew, the ship itself is expendable...