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This is a request to the developers:

Please remove unlocked pets from the character's Inventory,
and create a new "Pets UI Menu" from which we can launch our vanity pets.

Basically, this would function the same way Action Figures work in Champions Online. We would have an item that constitutes the pet, just as we do now. This item could be used for missions, accolades, DOff assignments, trading/selling unbound pets, etc. But once we "activate" or "unlock" that pet, the item itself is consumed, and disappears from the Inventory. Then there would be a "Vanity Pets" button that opens a menu from which we can select the pet we want to appear. In Champions, this is an "Action Figures" button on the "character sheet", but a submenu off the mini-map would be just fine, too.

These changes would only affect vanity pets. Combat pets, including carrier small craft, should remain devices/hanger bay equipment. Also, there would need to be a separate menu for each ground and space.

I assume it is beneficial to Cryptic to keep pets hogging up Inventory/Bank space, as it encourages people to buy more storage from the Z-Store. I think this could be offset by displaying locked Z-Store (and Lobi-Store) pets in the UI. These grayed-out/inactive constant reminders would act as advertising, regularly reminding people what's available (what they're missing!), and triggering desire in people to "collect the whole set". This is also done in CO (where as yet unpurchased Z-Store Action Figures are displayed in the UI), and even done in similar menus in STO (such as in the Tailor, where unavailable costumes are shown, you know, in case you want to try them on).

Then there's the fact that some people (myself included), would be more willing to buy more pets, if they weren't space hogs (now there's a pet!). I would go out of my way to collect every pet possible. I'm a Completist and Collection-nut. And think about the "money made" from just Epohhs... If instead of birthing'n'burning every Epohh I get, turning them into Marks (which indirectly are Dilithium and therefore cash), I would keep one of each, if it didn't take up space. That's 30+ fewer 400-Mark turn-ins that Cryptic would not have to pay out.

In addition to the saved storage space, there's the savings in power tray real estate. Also, if you rearrange a pet's token in your storage bag, it often gets removed/relocated in your power tray. Meaning we have to restore the icon from the Power Menu. A minor inconvenience, to be sure, but a pain none-the-less. The Pet UI Menu I mention above would streamline the whole process. Make things easier, and I bet more people would be interested in Pets.

So please consider this. Pets used to be a small corner of this game. However now, more and more, they are becoming a center-stage feature. In addition to the many pets in the Z-store, there's a bunch of exotic creatures in the Lobi Store and in Lock Boxes. And then there's the latest "mini-game" - Epohh breeding. And who doesn't want a nice home for all those cute, widdal, cuddly-wuddly, space wabbits!?!

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