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Originally Posted by ericsonxx View Post
Any other suggestions from those who fly Dkoras?
Fore: 3 dual beams, 1 quantum torpedo
Aft: 3 turrets, 1 photon mine launcher

Torpedo spread 1, Attack pattern beta 1, Beam fire at will 3
Tactical team 1

Engineering team 1, Extend shields 1, Emergency power to shields 3, Auxiliary to structural 3
Emergency power to weapons 1, Reverse shield polarity 1

Hazard emitters 1, Transfer shield strength 2

Energy weapons officers * 3 (beam special attacks)
Conn officer (tactical team cooldown)
Maintenance engineer (engineer team cooldown)

Neutronium * 2, Monotanium * 1, RCS * 1
Battle Module 3000, Assimilated console, Shield emitter array
Energy damage * 3 (disruptor coils for me)

No doubt eyebrows will be raised, but I'm quite happy with this. You could swing it further toward durability by dropping that Extend Shields, but I like the team support aspect.

hows the missile launcher?
Mediocre. It has low damage and high rate of fire, so if you have one you just set it to auto fire and leave it alone. Don't take this if you are planning on using torpedoes and torpedo abilities: the missile launcher derives minimal benefit from High Yield/Spread, and will interfere with using those abilities with other launchers. Honestly the missile launcher is better suited to bigger and slower ships that can't get decent mileage out of the 90-degree torp launchers.