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12-10-2012, 08:53 AM
I am seeing the same issues here. Based in Northern California, Comcast XFinity ISP. I frequently encounter paralysis lag in both ground and sector space. My character or ship are paralyzed and unable to move, exit to sector space, beam up / down, interact with NPC's or doors, etc. I am also seeing the same issues on two separate PC's tied to the same router.

Yes, tried updating the router firmware, but haven't noticed any improvement.

The game now frequently crashes when shelling out to the Windows7 desk top -- it never did this before season7.

My hardware is more than enough to run the game:
-i7-2600k processor on an Asus P8P67M-Pro
- 8 GIGS DDR3 PC2000
-160gig SSD
-2 TB secondary hard drive
-EVGA GTX580 super-clocked video card

Using my ISP's connection testing utility, I have 4.25MB upload speed, 25.5MB download per sec.

Please advise.