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# 1 Q Appreciation Rip-off?
12-10-2012, 09:55 AM
Why offer an item (Q Appreciation Package) to assist in the acquisition of the holiday prize (Breen ship) and then put a variable reward amount (2-6 pics)?

If you want players to even consider this then make it a definite amount, like 5 per box (though I think it should be more like 10-20); especially since this is suppose to be a free gift then don't add your "Lockbox mentality" to it.

If a person wants to spend money on keys to open boxes and get lobis for the advanced completion method for the ship (someone always wants to be first on the block), then make it a specific method and not a random thing.

Personally, I would not spend one penny on a free ship (that concept is an oxymoron... pay for a free ship).