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Originally Posted by marcusdkane View Post
Just makes no sense how someone with that many issues would make it through the Academy, let alone get posted to the Federation Flagship... Even by the time of Voyager, his issues hadn't been resolved, he'd just found new targets to fixate on... I felt sorry for the guy who'd introduced Reg to his sister (in law?) (and her to, really) as you knew that wasn't going to be a happy ending...
Perhaps Starfleet has an official policy not to dscriminate against people with social disabilities (as well as hypochondria :p)? He might suck at everything and anything social, but he's very good at what he does (not a surprise if he's suffering from autism, or something worse than social anxiety, which it felt like to me) and therefore has a place on the flagship, of all places.

You can't begrudge the guy for trying the odd social thing or a relationship, even if he's extremely awkward when he does. He's human too :p

I can associate with Reg