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12-10-2012, 10:06 AM
What really annoys me is that when a ship comes out that is in alock box or put into the Z-Store - you get the players that shout to the hills They are making me spend money.

They give you an alternate way to get another ship through the addition of spending money "like Lobi" and they shout the are ripping me off.

Cryptic has found what I think is a great way to Give something away for free and you are still getting people shouting they are ripping us off.

I have a question, how are they ripping you off? for playing a game you have chose to play and asking that for 5 minutes while you play that game you take the time to run a race that doesn't even last a full 5 minutes.

I know there is a saying you can pleasing people some of the time, but some of the members here couldn't be please if the head of Cryptic personally sent them an email with a FREE ship unlock code.