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Perhaps Starfleet has an official policy not to dscriminate against people with social disabilities (as well as hypochondria :p)? He might suck at everything and anything social, but he's very good at what he does (not a surprise if he's suffering from autism, or something worse than social anxiety, which it felt like to me) and therefore has a place on the flagship, of all places.

You can't begrudge the guy for trying the odd social thing or a relationship, even if he's extremely awkward when he does. He's human too :p

I can associate with Reg
You might well be right there... I mean, Geordi's blind, and in a crunch, his disability could be as dangerous to his ship and crew, as someone 'freezing up' and unable to function, but equally, I never really saw Geordi as truly disabled by his blindness. Maybe Reg was supposed to have purely been 'lab based', but managed to work his way into regular duty...