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12-10-2012, 11:04 AM
Originally Posted by stonefyre View Post
Shyeah! I want CRF 3, BO 3, ApO 3, GW 3, TBR 3, RSP 3 with 5 tact, 4 sci and 4 eng consoles on my DHC equiped Odyssey with a base turn rate of 20!

Look, OP, you can't have all of the best goodies on one ship, that's just not the way this or any other game works. The first thing you have to learn about any MMO is how player class abilities balance and how to pick from among them. You didn't learn this before spending money on an optional upgrade. I'm sorry it didn't work out for you, but NOBODY offers refunds on digital goods.

P.S.: You REALLY need to think your posts through with a forum handle like that, or grow thicker skin.
yeah, what he wanted sounded pretty OP right? owait, what he wanted could have been done on a MVAE, FAE, Mobius, or the Breen ship not to mention the Vesta.
his problem is, that he simple did not read anything up on what he bought, or how the game worked (also saying that a DSSV is superior to a patrol escort is a fail in it self, considering the current game mechanics)